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Americans Need To Eat More, And More Types, Of Fiber

July 28, 2015: 12:00 AM EST
Americans are not only not eating enough fiber, they’re not eating enough different types of fiber, according to U.S. researchers. Proper daily fiber intake -- 38 grams for men, 25 for women – regulates the digestive system and helps control cholesterol, blood pressure, glucose, insulin and excess weight. To get the right amount of fiber, people should eat the recommended quantities of fruits and vegetables. But they should also expand beyond plant-based fiber sources, to fiber that has been added to food in the manufacturing process. Some examples include fiber-fortified bread, cereals, yogurt and pasta.
"Consumers should seek a variety of fiber sources to get the maximum health benefits", News release, symposium presentation at IFT15: Where Science Feeds Innovation, July 28, 2015, © Institute of Food Technologists
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