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Britain’s “Eatwell Guide” Is Skewed Toward A Debunked, Industry-Driven Diet Scheme

June 20, 2016: 12:00 AM EST
The U.K.’s “Eatwell Guide” was introduced by the Department of Health in 1994 as a graphic showing a segmented plate indicating the daily proportions of food groups needed for a healthy diet. A revision of the Guide – with mainly “cosmetic” changes – has now been lambasted by a British scientist for being out of step with scientific evidence that has discredited the Guide’s commercially-driven high-carb, low-fat diet scheme. That scheme was formulated with the input of too many people with food industry ties and too few independent nutrition experts. As a sign of the Guide’s failure, rates of obesity and diabetes in Great Britain have soared since the 1970s.
Zoe Harcombe, "Designed by the food industry for wealth, not health: the ‘Eatwell Guide’. ", British Journal of Sports Medicine, June 20, 2016, © BMJ Publishing Group Ltd. & British Association of Sport and Exercise Medicine
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