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Compulsive Snacking, Without Hunger, Is A Risk Factor For Weight Gain

June 25, 2015: 12:00 AM EST
People who snack compulsively when they’re not hungry can gain as much weight as when they consume large meals or calorie-rich foods, according to Australian researchers. Study participants were found to be susceptible to compulsive snacking, even after finishing a similar snack. In fact, 75 percent of participants ate a second chocolate snack after eating as much as they wanted of a first. The findings suggest that those people – who had a higher BMI – were more impulsive, and more responsive to food reward, even though they weren’t really hungry. The researchers concluded that repeated snacking in the absence of hunger is a risk factor for weight gain.
Stephanie H. Fay et al., "Psychological predictors of opportunistic snacking in the absence of hunger ", Eating Behaviors, June 25, 2015, © Elsevier Ltd.
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