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Nurture More Important Than Nature When It Comes To Obesity

March 7, 2015: 12:00 AM EST
Though some research has shown that mom's unhealthful diet in pregnancy may preordain a child’s poor diet and health issues, a new study in mice suggests other factors play a bigger role. Having too many food choices, the U.S. researchers found, increases the obesity problem. For the study, two sets of mothers were fed a high-fat diet or a low-fat diet. The offspring then ate a high-fat diet, low-fat diet, or a choice of foods. The offspring that had a choice experienced an increase in body weight, body fat, and glucose levels. The researchers said their findings suggest the possibility that a human's natural environment can affect food choices, and ultimately a person's weight, much more than their mother’s diet during pregnancy.
Bonnie Brenseke et al., "Mitigating or Exacerbating Effects of Maternal-Fetal Programming of Female Mice Through the Food Choice Environment. ", Endocrinology, March 07, 2015, © Endocrine Society
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