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Study Confirms That Kids Are Way Too Addicted To Pizza

January 19, 2015: 12:00 AM EST
A study that analyzed questionnaire answers from 7,443 children up to age 11, and 6,447 adolescents to age 19, verified what parents already knew: kids love pizza, and they eat way too much of it. Twenty-two percent of kids between the ages of 6 and 19 eat pizza on any given say, compared to 13 percent of Americans overall. (The only foods more popular than pizza are cake, cookies and doughnuts.) The problem is that pizza adds 408 calories, three grams of fat and 134 more milligrams of salt to a youngster’s diet, and 624 calories, five grams of fat and 484 milligrams of salt to a teen’s diet. The researchers said the negative impact of pizza on young peoples’ diets is about the same as that of sugary drinks.
Lisa M. Powell et al., "Energy and Nutrient Intake From Pizza in the United States", Pediatrics Journal, January 19, 2015, © Powell et al.
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