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Zinc Could Provide A Simple Way To Prevent Liver Disease

June 11, 2017: 12:00 AM EST
Australian researchers have determined that adequate levels of zinc in the blood inhibit the inflammatory and antiviral effects of a protein associated with tissue damage caused by chronic liver disease, including infections like hepatitis C and influenza. Without adequate zinc in the bloodstream, the protein IFN-λ3 binds to the interferon lambda receptor, which results in decreased antiviral activity and increased viral replication. Zinc also blocks the inflammatory activity of IFN-λ3, which has been strongly linked to liver cirrhosis in viral and non-viral liver disease. The researchers said their findings support the use of zinc as a simple, effective preventative measure against acute and chronic inflammation in the liver. [Image Credit: © NIH ]
Scott A. Read et al., "Zinc is a potent and specific inhibitor of IFN-λ3 signaling", Nature Communications, June 11, 2017, © Macmillan Publishers Limited
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